Sponsoring Memphis Pride Fest provides a tremendous amount of exposure for your business to the LGBT+ community and their allies. Your support sends a message that your business goes deeper than commerce; it genuinely cares about and supports the community, and the positive change that Pride represents. Become a sponsor today to enjoy the benefits of our fully integrated sponsorship packages for the Mid-South’s largest and most colorful civic event!


As the largest internationally and nationally recognized Pride event organizers in the tri-state region, Mid-South Pride is pleased to invite you to become a sponsor of Memphis Pride Fest.

Small Business

Sponsoring Memphis Pride Fest is the most concentrated way to share your brand and show your support for Pride and the many cultures that make up the LGBT spectrum.

V.I.P. Sponsorship

In addition to our standard VIP passes, we now offer two new VIP sponsorship packages with a few extra perks to make your Pride Fest extra-enjoyable while showing support for our community.