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Celebrating Pride in the Mid-South Since 2003

The annual Mid-South Pride Festival is the single largest gathering for the LGBT community and its allies in the Mid-South. It attracts more than 8,000 attendees and includes entertainment featuring musicians, bands, speakers, and dance performances.  The Festival features more than 80 vendor and informational booths, great food, and of course, the Pride Parade rolling down Historic Beale Street. Events at the Mid-South Pride Festival and Parade are fun-filled and family friendly. We welcome everyone to be a part of this grand celebration.

Countdown to Pride 2015

September 26th, 2015

Festival 10am – 6pm | Parade at 5pm

2015/09/26 10:00:00

Pride 2015
Event Location:

Robert Church Park
4th & Beale Street

Downtown Memphis, TN


Planning and coordinating a large-scale event like Pride takes a team of talented and dedicated volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to develop new skills, teach skills to others, build self-esteem, and contribute to a better, stronger community, We have volunteer opportunities for people at every skill level.


We are a non-profit organization, Support from individuals and businesses is vital to our growth and success. We appreciate the generous donations we receive every year from our supporters. They keep the organization strong, and encourage us, as volunteers, to work even harder for our community.


With over 8,000 attendees, the Mid-South Pride Festival and Parade is a great place to sell products, promote your organization, network with communities, build support for a cause, and celebrate with friends and families. Vendor booths and Pride Parade participants can register here on our website.


The interest and support by individuals, businesses, and socially responsible organizations make Mid-South Pride Festival and Parade possible.  Through sponsorship, your support enhances the quality of life in the Mid-South, while giving you the opportunity to reach a significant consumer base.

Mid-South Pride Festival & Parade

What to Expect at Your Pride Celebrations in Downtown Memphis

“Power in Pride” Survey

Mid-South Pride needs 10 mins of your time for a survey. Participating in this study helps Mid-South Pride open doors-and minds-around the world, and influences positive changes for our community.

T-Shirt Design Contest

This year we will be hosting a T-Shirt Competition! We are looking for a t-shirt design for the Festival & Parade that makes a bold statement and is centered around our theme. The top 5 designs will be chosen, and the winner will be chosen by online voting.

Theme & Poster Contest

This year we are extending our Theme to a poster competition!!! The mission of the poster contest is to put a spotlight on the outstanding artists in our community, and to give them the opportunity to to paint a portrait of their visions of Pride in the Mid-South.

Approach to Diversity – World Pride 2017

WorldPride Madrid 2017 will feature a full program of conferences, seminars, workshops as well as cultural and sports activities, and a “kids and family pride” that will act as a source of education. However, the greatest asset of Madrid Pride is having contributed to transforming society and its mentality with regard to the LGBT community.

Festival Booth Registration

The Pride Festival is an all day event, with great food, entertainment by local and national celebrities, and vendors booths with products and information. It's a family friendly experience with a children's activities area, and a VIP Section with extra concessions for the adults.

Pride Parade Registration

We're on a mission to be renowned as the biggest, most colorful, and most exciting annual parade and celebration in the region! Learn more about how you can enter the parade and win trophies and awards for Best In Show, Best Use of Theme, Best Rolling Group, Best Walking Group, and other categories.

Personal Sponsorships

We now offer sponsorships customized for individuals who just want to show their support for the community, promote their favorite organization or or small business, or raise awareness for a cause. Here's a list of the benefits we offer in our Personal Sponsorship Packages.

Sponsorships for Business

The interest and support by individuals, businesses, and socially responsible organizations make Mid-South Pride Festival and Parade possible. Learn about the benefits we offer in our Pride Sponsorship Packages for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Order VIP Passes

Some Pride goers make it an all day affair, so we offer VIP Pride Passes with extra perks and amenities to make the Pride experience even more fun and enjoyable for those that like that extra special treatment.

Volunteer Opportunities

Planning and coordinating a large-scale event like Pride takes a team of talented and dedicated volunteers. We have volunteer opportunities for people at every skill level. Learn more about our teams and how to get involved.

Submit Ideas & Suggestions

In order to build a Festival and Parade with features and entertainment that appeals to the many diverse sub-cultures that make up our local LGBT community, the volunteers need your ideas and suggestions.

Order Your VIP Pride Passes

VIP Pride Pass holders enjoy extra perks and amenities to make the Pride experience even more fun and enjoyable for those that like that extra special treatment. Learn more about the benefits and how to reserve your passes.

Here comes Dragnificient 2

SO PROUD OF THIS, PLEASE WATCH AND SUPPORT! Tracy Love started Friends Of George’s  in 2010 and this butterfly has morphed into an amazing theater company that I’m so proud to...

Pride at the ball!

Thanks to fellow board member Phillis Lewis. Pride attended the annual Mystic Krewe of Pegasus Memphis Ball XII. We had a great time. The night was filled with feathers and beads. The numbers get better every year. One of my favorites was the bears at the zoo and of course Phillis performing as Tina. I of course spent a lot of time schmoozing and talking to everyone. It was nice seeing everyone dressed in their finest. The Krewe works all year to raise money for a non profit in our community and this year they worked for Friends for Life. Make sure you come out next year!

Ten Years of Pride Parades

Pride was celebrated back as early as 1976 with a picnic in Overton Park that was covered by Gaiety newspaper. The first of several marches was organized beginning in 1980 by the Memphis Gay Coalition.

History & Colors of the Rainbow Flag

The first Rainbow Flag was designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker, a San Francisco artist, who created the flag in response to a local activist’s call for the need of a community symbol. Baker designed a flag with eight stripes: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. According to Baker, those colors represented, respectively: sexuality, life, healing, sun, nature, art, harmony, and spirit...

Things to Know

2015 Festival Location
Robert Church Park

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