Rules & Regulations

Height Restrictions

Please be aware that there is a height restriction of 13′ 11″ due to obstacles along the parade route. If any part of a unit exceeds this limit, it must be collapsible or removable. This includes vehicles, decorations, costumes, signage, and delusions of grandeur. (and you know who you are…)


Line up for the parade will originate next to Robert Church Park at the intersection of 4th Street and Beale Street. Specific line up locations and exact parade route will be communicated via email to all entries a few weeks prior to the event.

All entries will be lined up, at the discretion of the Parade Director and Logistics Team, based on the type of marching unit, logistics, and presentation significance. Line up for floats and vehicles will begin 90 minutes prior to the step-off time. Walking groups will line up 45 minutes prior to the step-off time. No entries will be permitted less than 15 minutes prior to the step-off time. The parade will last approximately one hour. If you have any questions regarding the timeline, or route, please send us an email at

Parade Judging

Mid-South Pride encourages participants to make use of the current theme as you dress and decorate your entries. All entries will be judged in the following categories.

  • Best Newcomer
  • Best Walking Group
  • Best Rolling Group (Any motorized or non-motorized vehicles)
  • Best Performing Arts Group
  • Best Float
  • Best In Show

Judging for the Parade will be conducted by a panel selected by the Parade Director and Logistics Team and managed by the Judging Coordinator. The judges will have the option of bestowing additional awards.

Parade Representative

Each group is required to designate a “Parade Representative”.  The Parade Representative will serve as the primary contact with Mid-South Pride and be able to assist the Parade Director with set up and control of the marching unit prior to, during, and after the Parade.  The Parade Representative will report to the Parade Director or Volunteer for entry verification and line up assignment no later than 1 hour prior to the step-off time.

Etiquette during Parade and Festival

Mid-South Pride Parade participants must understand and agree that this Parade is intended to be, and at all times shall be, a Family Friendly event.  Therefore, Parade participants shall not display any materials, or behave in any way, that are obscene, sexually explicit, pornographic, or indecent as described in City, County, State, and Federal law.  By signing the attached Parade Registration each group agrees to adhere to this policy.   If individuals or groups do not comply, they will be subject to immediate removal from the Parade.

The Mid-South Pride Parade Director, Volunteers, and the Memphis Police Department will be located in the line-up area and along the Parade route.  They will be in place for your safety.  Please listen to them and follow their instructions.

The Parade must keep moving.  Only the briefest stop in front of the Judges will be allowed.  Do not stop in front of the Judges for more than 10 seconds.  Parade Volunteers and Memphis Police will be on site to quickly move any unit along, or out of, the route.