Thomas Prunier at this years Festival!

Are you looking for someone who brings a message and is funny? Are you looking to reach out and entertain customers with a professional talent? You need Thomas Prunier at your event, club or venue.

Original talent brings people back. Combining activism with humor, issues with laughter makes a difference. The ability to handle a range of audiences including different sizes and backgrounds and doing so with original material makes people want to return. There are many who try to be like someone else – but who wants imitation? Who is Thomas Prunier?

Amy Haines at Spanky’s Sports Bar says “Thomas has quickly become one of our favorite comedians at the bar. Although he is newer to our place. He has quickly made a name for himself. His happy, upbeat, outgoing personality has taken him from performing to hosting our shows. He keeps the crowd involved and has their complete attention. ”

George Manus Jr. of Out Front on Main, Inc. says “Although relatively new to the comedy scene, Thomas Prunier exudes the confidence of someone that has been in the field for years. His fresh approach to everyday topics never ceases to leave the audience in stitches. Out Front on Main, Inc. is pleased to showcase Thomas’ talents whenever possible. His professional attitude combined with amazing talents make him a force to be reckoned with.”

With experience beyond comedy, Bravo said in a review of his performance in Boys in the Band “Thomas Prunier plays lead character, Michael, and delivers a stunning performance from start to finish, particularly when he falls off the wagon and really lets his mean streak surface leading up to his dramatic emotional breakdown.” – By Chadwick Montgomery

Thomas Prunier is an experienced entertainer that can cater to a variety of crowds. He presents a show that is compassionate to others and funny, thought provoking issue points with humor. He’s performed at a wide range of functions and features audience engagement in the show. From hosting pageants to standup, from the stage to special events, look no further than Thomas Prunier.

If you’re looking for entertainment, humor and a reliable performer that is professional, look no further than Thomas Prunier.