Mister Mid-South Pride Jr. Stone

Who is your Mister Mid-South Pride? My stage name is Jr. Stone. The name Stone was given to me by my first “Drag Mother” and Jr. came from my closest friends in high calling me that as a nickname. My first experience with “Drag” was when I worked as a bartender at a bar called “Metro”. They had weekly shows and I loved to watch the drag queens because they made the audience happy. Now, I knew I didn’t want to be a Drag Queen, but I wanted to make people happy as they did every night on the stage. One night at the bar one of the Queens did not show up, and it was my night off. My now drag mom came up to me ask if i wanted to do a number. I thought, “why not”? So, I went to my car put on my dress shoes, vest, and a hat I made the night before and said to myself, “this will have to do”. My first song was “Footloose” , and to my surprise, the crowd loved it. I had so much fun that night and it was all downhill from there. Soon after that, I found out the bar was closing and I started going to a club called Spectrum. They had a show called DDR or Drag Drag Revolution and it was geared towards up and coming performers and gave them a chance to come out and show off what they could do. After participating in DDR for few mouths, I fell in love with the regular show cast members. I immediately started working at spectrum as a spot light operator and as a back-up dancer for various cast members. I worked hard and did anything I could to help the cast always trying to make that show the best it could be. The show cast of queens and kings were so amazing and their performances were always breathtaking. I soon met a Drag King name “Will Ryder”, who I came to look up to and who I wanted to be like. Every time he stepped on that stage, he gave it everything he had and it just so amazing me. After that, I was asked to help a Drag Queen in a pageant as back-up dancer. This endeavor helped me to meet even more people who assisted in polishing my skills and making me a better entertainer. The first title I captured was Mr. Dru’s Place and I had so much fun was doing that pageant because it was my first it further helped me to develop my craft and in turn I became a better person. My next title would come years later down the road where I grabbed the title of Mr. Memphis ANS. This title would not have been possible without the love and support of my best friend and mentor Mr. Will Ryder. After that, I competed in Mr. TN Volunteer State ANS. Now I  did not get Mr. ANS but I got something better I WON Mister Mid-South Pride. This is a title I wanted so bad because The Mid-South Pride Organization means so much to me and my community. The annual Mid-South Pride Festival and Parade is a time where we as a community all come together and become one united front, and it doesn’t matter what your race, gender, economic status, or background. Throughout my journey of becoming JR Stone, I have continued to meet and learn from some of the most talented artist in our field. I now have a home in the Coxxx family where they have welcomed me with open arms and stand behind me in everything that I do. They continue to push me to be better than anything that I could have ever have imagined for myself.    No matter what it is I need, they are there ready and waiting to help and I could not ask for a better drag family. I have to thank spectrum for giving me a stage to stand on and my drag family for giving me the heart to do it. I also have give a big thank you to the community for always believing  in me and making me work hard to keep ya’ll happy, because don’t forget, it is the reason I started this whole crazy journey in the first place so thank you Memphis.
Mr. Mid-South pride