Meet Ladi Ashlee

Hello, I am Ladi Ashley.  I first got interested in drag sixteen years ago. I attended my first show and was instantly amazed. I got into drag on a dare from a friend and fell in love with the art. I have now been getting “fish” ever since. I have been mentored by many performers over the years.  I first started performing at Lorenze/Aftershock back in 2007, where I eventually became a show director. I continued working there until the club closed in 2013. I then took a sabbatical from the stage to work on myself.  After losing 130lbs, I made my return to the stage. I started performing at Dru’s Place, and never felt more welcomed. Shortly after, I began to volunteer with Mid-South Pride. I found it refreshing to see a community who truly loves, cares, and supports each other.  Being involved has given me the chance to help make a difference. Capturing the title Miss Mid-South Pride is my first title, and certainly will not be my last.  I am honored to represent an amazing community.