Festival Booth Registration

Mid-South Pride Festival

Organizations interested in reserving a booth at the festival can submit their Festival Booth Registration and entry fee here on our website. A standard booth is 10′ x 10′. Booth registration does not include tables, chairs, canopies or electrical connections, but these items can be ordered as rentals in the registration form. Vendors who intend to sell merchandise or services are required to obtain a “Right to Sell Permit”, which can also be ordered during the registration process.

Booth pricing starts at $100 for a non-profit, $150 for regular vendor, & $175 for food vendor.

Please read the Vendor Booth Guidelines before you begin.

Vendor Booths

The Mid-South Pride Festival is an all day event that attracts thousands of friends, families and organizations from all over the Mid-South. You’ll find lots of excitement, great food, entertainment by local and national celebrities, and over 80 vendor booths with products, services, and information. Pride is a family friendly experience with a children’s activities area, and a VIP Section with a great view of the stage and festivities, and extra concessions for the adults.

Vendor booths are available for organizations who want to promote themselves and build relationships with the many communities represented at Pride. Businesses, Non-profits, Faith Based Groups, and Media Organizations are always finding new and innovative ways to utilize their booths at the festival:

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    Businesses of all sizes, including major brands like Nike and FedEx have learned that the festival attracts a broad demographic, which makes it the perfect place to promote their products and services, to recruit employees, and to network within the community.

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    Non-Profits have found the festival to be a great place to recruit volunteers and to encourage others to support and to get involved in their organization. They often distribute flyers and information to help raise awareness for a cause, and some even offer free services like animal adoption and HIV testing.

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    Faith Based Groups

    Faith based groups from different denominations use their booth space to connect and reach out to the many cultures and communities that are represented at the festival. They find the festival and parade to be a great opportunity for their members to celebrate their faith and share their strength, hope, and unity with others.

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    Newspapers, magazines, radio & television broadcasters find the festival to be a great opportunity to promote their mediums and interact with new communities. They often hold prize giveaways and drawings…

Vendor Registration

Sorry, we are no longer taking vendor registrations for this season.