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T-Shirt Design Contest

This year we will be hosting a T-Shirt Competition! We are looking for a t-shirt design for the Festival & Parade that makes a bold statement and is centered around our theme. The top 5 designs will

Theme & Poster Contest

This year we are extending our Theme to a poster competition!!! The mission of the poster contest is to put a spotlight on the outstanding artists in our community, and to give them the opportunity to

Vendor Registration

The Pride Festival is an all day event, with great food, entertainment by local and national celebrities, and vendors booths with products and information. It's a family friendly experience with a chi

Pride Parade Registration

We're on a mission to be renowned as the biggest, most colorful, and most exciting annual parade and celebration in the region! Learn more about how you can enter the parade and win trophies and awar

Corporate Sponsorships

The interest and support by individuals, businesses, and socially responsible organizations make Mid-South Pride Festival and Parade possible. Learn about the benefits we offer in our Pride Sponsorsh

Order VIP Passes

Some Pride goers make it an all day affair, so we offer VIP Pride Passes with extra perks and amenities to make the Pride experience even more fun and enjoyable for those that like that extra special

Volunteer Opportunities

Planning and coordinating a large-scale event like Pride takes a team of talented and dedicated volunteers. We have volunteer opportunities for people at every skill level. Learn more about our teams

Submit Ideas & Suggestions

In order to build a Festival and Parade with features and entertainment that appeals to the many diverse sub-cultures that make up our local LGBT community, the volunteers need your ideas and suggesti