Artistik Approach at this years Festival

Artistik Approach is a multi-talented duo whose a cappella based music incorporates elelments of various musical style and genres. Members Brandon “Eso” Tolson, from East St. Louis and Siphne “Siphne Aaye” Sylve, from New Orleans, combine singing, beatboxing, and rapping to create a fresh and creative sound. Each comes from strong musical backgrounds.

Eso started signing in gospel choirs, playing piano, and writing short stories as an early age. His mother’s love for singing, acting and performing influenced much of his passion for music. Siphne Aaye’s interest in the arts was sparked through her enrollemnt at the New Orleans Center for Creativ Arts, where she developed a strong passion for jazz and soul music.
Siphne Aaye developed a natural ear for melody and rhythm, which would later influence her own unique style of beatboxing.

Formed at Memphis College of Art located in Memphis, TN, Artistik Approach started performing at local venues in early 2010. Their abilities have given them the opportunity to perform with musical acts rooted in a variety of genres including spoken word, jazz, hip-hop, rock, r&b, dub-step, reggae, and soul. They have graced the stage of musical venues in various Southern cities such as Chicago, Illinois; St. Louis, Missouri; Fayetteville, Arkansas; Jackson, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana.