Almost Elton at this years Festival!

Jerred Price has been a mega-fan of Sir Elton John since the age of 5. Since that early age, he has been “performing as” Elton for friends and family. Now at the age of 27, after attending 30+ concerts, and becoming friends with the “man himself”, he has perfected Elton’s mannerisms, piano, and vocals!

At age 20, Jerred was the featured tribute act at the Elton John AIDS Foundation event for Elton’s 60th Birthday Celebration in New York City. Jerred‘s performance will take you back in time through the FABULOUS career of Sir Elton starting in 1970 flowing all the way to the recent hits of today. Be prepared to rock to the upbeat hits, embrace the beauty of the slow ballads, and FEEL like you are in the presence of SIR ELTON JOHN himself!