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In years past, Mid-South Pride has boasted over 20 musical acts, dancing groups, and speakers, across multiple stages, providing an exciting Mid-South Pride Festival.

If you or your group would like to perform at a festival, email us at info@midsouthpride.org for consideration.


2014 Festival Parade Map_1

2014 Mid-South Pride Festival Entertainment Lineup


2014 MSP Seeing red 4

SEEING RED arrived on the Memphis Music Scene in 2008. In January 2010, they released their first EP titled “Stereotype” which is available on ITunes.


2014 MSP Spikey 3Spikey Van Dykey has been a leading Male Illusionist & Drag King entertainer for over 10 years.

He first hit the stage making his debut in Birmingham, Alabama at The Quest Club in October of 2000. He is the former Mys-Her Gay Pride (Birmingham,AL),Mr. Phoenix (Birmingham, AL), The King of Hearts 2005 (Tampa, FL), and the Winner of SHE King (Miami, FL) 2006. Shortly after being crowned, he took a break from the competition arena to pursue his role as show director and coordinator of Spikey and The After Midnites, and join the cast of Thee VaudeVillains, a burlesque revue as well as Black Diamond Burlesque. He is also a former Mister NY USofA MI 2011 and formerly the One for All Magazine Knoxville, TN EOY winner.

He was recently on a web episode by Magical Elf Productions called “Transfashionable.” You can also check him out in the 1st issue of “Inked Magazine” with the Genitorturers! Shortly after, he was inspired to open an online store for Kings to get costumes and other supplies originated by the one and only Spikey himself, to help those along on their Drag King journey called “Drag or Die” at Storenvy.com. He is driven by his fans and his passion: Performance Art. He has performed along side musical acts such as: Kristy Lee, The Genitorturers, Uh Huh Her, Goddes & She, Beverly McClellen, Hunter Valentine, and Jojo as well as the cast members of the hit series “The Real L Word” and Leisha Hailey from the Original L Word cast.


2014 MSP Tori who dat 5Tori WhoDat comes to us from the heart of New Orleans and streets of Memphis to help enlighten the youth while offering a sanctuary from social stigmas through her infectious beats and unique sound.

Today, her passion and her purpose is defined by her dedication to sincerity in her lyrics with a raw message that can be felt by anyone who has seen struggle and risen above with fists swinging.


2014 MSP Incredible hook 2

Rising up from a groove scene that is congested and drowning in crunk rap hooks and dubstep drops comes The Incredible Hook. They ride the waves of discofunk and dance-rock in a space pirate vessel lashed together by 60s Brit-pop and swooning Motown soul. Formed in the year 20509, after the destruction of their home planet, Red 1337, by the evil Lord Establishment, The Incredible Hook boarded their galactic time traveling space vessel named Liberty and under the authority of the Intergalactic Soul Armada, set back to the year 2012 to save the future of music and the universe. This band of scallywags have been shaking the booties of crowds and channeling bombastic sexy singalongs in dance clubs and rock venues across the Midsouth all in the name of galaxy wide fun and peace.

The Incredible Hook has made an impact on the local scene, but their work is far from done. The Intergalactic Soul Armada will only grant them the access codes to return to their own time after complete and utter saturation of planet Earth from the Hook and all it’s hooker followers. The red feather from the Xinus’azt orio bird of Red 1337 is the interplanetary symbol of Hookers. They unite under this banner and fight for the future of music and our Galaxy.

One Man, Two Guvnors

By Richard Bean


In this fresh, English version of the classic farce, Servant of Two Masters, Francis Hernshall has just been fired from his folk jazz skiffle band. Desperate for work, he becomes minder to Roscoe Crabbe. But Roscoe is really Rachel, posing as her own dead brother — who’s been killed by her boyfriend Stanley Stubbers. Francis spots the chance for an extra meal ticket and takes a job with Stubbers — but to prevent discovery he must keep his two “guvnors” apart. Simple. This unique laugh-out-loud mix of satire, songs, and slapstick is an award-winning celebration of British Comedy


Lisa Michaels

Lisa Michaels